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Change is Here for Multi Dog Households

In my work at Wise Mind Canine I’m revolutionizing the way dogs and people live in multi dog households. I don’t HOPE for the best. People have the power to chart the course of their dog’s relationships with each other and I’m here to deliver that power.

My roadmap to dog-dog introductions and relationship building gives clients a comprehensive path to success laid out in step by step detail.

Built with safety in mind, issues between dogs are swiftly identified and can be addressed proactively before relationships can be damaged.

The limited advice available today on introducing dogs leaves a large subset of caregivers with behaviorally complex dogs without a clear path forward when adding a new dog to their home, or living with multiple dogs. Here I’m changing that, with a system that works for everyone. Let me take your multi dog household from chaos and stressful squabbles to one where people and dogs live harmoniously.

Yes, Even the Snarly Ones That Have Already “Gone to the Dogs”


Katie working with her German Shepherd on a sidewalk

Get to Know Us!

What You Can Expect From Wise Mind Canine:


Kindness, Compassion and Understanding For Dogs and People!

We Build Our Clients Up!

Learners are valued here and treated with the utmost respect.

You deserve support and gentle teaching, not a drill sergeant.

Positive reinforcement is for people too!

We Are Trauma Informed and Committed to Inclusion.

You ARE welcome here, no matter who you are, what you look like, who you love or what you are struggling with. Your dog trainer has PTSD and approaches everyone with a gentle touch. If you need an accommodation, reach out, and we will find a solution.

In a World Where Anyone can Call Themselves a Dog Trainer, Wise Mind Canine Went the Extra Mile

You shouldn’t have to take me at my word. So I made it so you don’t have to by becoming an Accredited Dog Trainer with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am professionally bound to a code of ethics and continuing education to remain accredited.

Kathryn “Katie” Sipple IAABC-ADT, BSc. 

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Accredited Dog Trainer

What This Means For You and Your Dog

Modern Training

No fear, no intimidation, no pain.

We focus on teaching your dog what TO DO using positive reinforcement and creating environments that help good behavior happen.

We give you kind ways to deal with misbehavior and don’t ask you to ignore it.


We will use the kindest and gentlest possible solutions for your dogs and help you understand why. LIMA means Least Invasive Minimally Intrusive.

We’ll teach you that it is the dog who determines what is reinforcing or punishing and how to tell the difference. So your training is actually doing what you want accomplished.

Humane Hierarchy

My training strategies look at your dog as a whole being, and factor in elements such as meeting dog needs, nutrition/health (veterinary referrals for pertinent issues), enrichment, and relationship building. We go beyond simple dog training, so that you and your dog can thrive together.

Knowledge That is Constantly Growing

My clients deserve the best so I learn from the best . I’ve learned from over 40 different experts in their fields so that I can apply it for my own clients, My toolbox is deep so be assured, if the first solution doesn’t work, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Things to Know When You Choose Wise Mind Canine for your Dog Training Needs:



You Have Chosen to Work with a Dog Trainer with Medical Disabilities.

This means that there may be cancellations beyond my control. However all sessions will be honored and made up. Time in premium online courses or programs will be extended if needed.

This business has been carefully structured to minimize any possible major disruptions but emergencies can happen.

If possible disruptions are not acceptable to you, I am happy to refer you to another qualified trainer.

To my lovely clients, I can’t thank you enough for supporting this business and fulfilling my dream of working again.



There are no refunds and no guarantees on services

We stand behind our services but there is no ethical way to make guarantees on the behavior of living breathing animals. These methods work, not only in my home but in client homes. Everything we do has been thoroughly tested with positive results in numerous homes with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

Dog training is a collaborative process, but it takes client commitment to make that process work. Here at Wise Mind Canine we often find that we’re in the work of human behavior change, equally if not more so than dog behavior change.

I will give you my all, and listen, really listen to what you need and what you are willing to do to get there. All I ask is that you keep those lines of communication open and give me your all in return.

Refunds cannot be given on services. If you’re not sure about working with us take advantage of our free consults or contact us with questions.



Local, in Person Services Available on a First Come First Served Basis

I have an autoimmune condition as well as a number of other disabilities. These issues can sometimes keep me from driving or cause me to refrain from exposing myself to other people indoors.

Due to this I have limited spots for in person lessons with my local clients. Please inquire about current availability for in person lessons in your home. If I cannot drive on your lesson date you will be given the option to reschedule or convert to an online lesson.

Continue to scroll to see if your town is included in my local service area! 

Serving my local community in the Western Suburbs of Chicago:

Bellwood, Berkeley, Broadview, Brookfield, Hillside, Hinsdale, La Grange, La Grange Park, Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace, Westchester, Western Springs.

Serving ANYONE, ANYWHERE, with our online training services!