Dog Fight Behavior Triage Blog Series

March 31, 2022
A black and brown dog wearing a blue collar looks off camera with teeth bared and mouth open.

A dog fight is a behavior emergency. Learn how to stop an active conflict between dogs and how to stabilize the problem until you can work with a dog training professional.


Two cartoon dogs face off over a bone with mouths open and teeth bared.

Above all, a dog fight needs a rapid response, whether that fight is between your household’s dogs or involve stranger’s dogs.

If you’re here, you’re likely looking for information on how to stop an active fight between dogs. While that’s part of what you’re going to learn today, it’s just the beginning of ending this behavior now and in the future.

This blog series is geared toward owners of dogs who initiated a fight between dogs or who have conflicts between dogs in their own homes.

However, there is still good information for you here if your dog was the victim of a dog fight with another dog who isn’t in your household. The blog posts applicable to the latter situation are marked with an asterisk in this list.

The information in this blog series is for the purpose of triaging an emergent behavior problem (dog fights) until you can work with a professional. Utilizing it will help you keep you, your dog(s), and the general public safer until that time. It is not intended as a complete solution.

Dog Fight Behavior Triage Blog Posts:

1.How to Stop a Dog Fight*

2. Preventing Dog Fights Through Management*

3. Help Your Dog(s) Recover from a Dog Fight*

4. Why Dogs Fight and How to Identify Triggers

5. Talking to Your Veterinarian about Behavior

6. Behavior Modification Plan: The Long Term Solution for Dogs Who Fight

Where can I get more help?

Implementing these steps is just the beginning of your path through dealing with dog aggression. If you want to stop dog fights for good then you need to work with a professional.

You will learn more about the type of professional you’re looking for in the last post of this blog series. I want you to feel confident in your choices whether you work with me or not.

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Katie Sipple IAABC-ADT, B.Sc. is an IAABC Accredited Dog Trainer and a graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course.

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