Dog Fight Rehab brings HOPE for dogs who fight and it starts HERE at Wise Mind Canine.

YOU can restore SAFETY and HAPPINESS to your home — because there is a PATH FORWARD… with the RIGHT help!

Is Dog Fight Rehab right for your dogs?

Your dogs are fighting.

With or without physical damage.

Your dogs can't share.

Conflicts over toys, treats, beds and more.

Your Dogs Dislike Each Other

No fights yet, but there’s daily tension.

I just returned from camping alone with all 4 dogs We tent camped at 8500 ft elevation at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and around Escalante, Zion, Kodachrome, Bryce. All of the dogs slept in the tent with me.  Everyone is doing really well and they have accepted each other.  They all seem to be reading each others’ cues and responding too!
My son came out to visit and he was astounded that they can all “play find it” together with Cheerios with no conflict.  He picked up some training tips from me, thanks to you.  We are a pretty devoted animal family.
Truly you’re not just saving lives, you’re creating happy ones!
Sheree, Colorado

Dog Fight Rehab 1 Year Program

You feel like:

You are walking on egg shells in your own home.

Your multi dog household has turned into a nightmare.

Stopping the conflicts and fights is impossible.

It might be time to rehome a dog.

You’re afraid of your dogs.

You don’t know why your dogs are having conflicts and don’t see warning signs before a fight.

Your dogs have behavior challenges that escalate when they are together.

Training has failed in the past and it will again.

You cannot afford to pay another emergency vet bill.

There’s no hope. You are lost, fearful, and exhausted.

You need someone who is willing to address your whole dog, not just this issue.

Four Dogs seated close together look happily at the camera.

What is Dog Fight Rehab?

A Comprehensive Training Program for Behaviorally Complex Multi Dog Households

Expert help for Multi Dog Households in crisis. Programs include:

90 Minute Behavior Evaluation

Virtual Lessons via Google Meet

Online Course Content: Over 80,000 words of content

Access to your instructor between lessons

Detailed homework video feedback

Online support group with other dog owners going through the same things you are!

Starter Kit: Begin your training program with the most crucial items you need!

Post Program Follow Ups


What you will learn:

How to Stop an active Dog Fight SAFELY.

Many of you have experienced the inability to stop a dog fight or injury in the process of doing so. While management should prevent future fights, accidents do happen. I arm you with the knowledge you need to handle a dog fight in the safest way possible for people and dogs.

A Way to Stop Dog Fights and Conflicts, NOW.

You’re not going to live one more day in fear about when the next dog fight, scuffle, or outburst is going to happen.

We’ll use management strategies including barriers such as gates to restore safety, ASAP. These strategies are tried and true and have saved my clients’ multi dog households time and time again.

Management stabilizes your issue and keeps behaviors from escalating into more difficult or even dangerous territory.

In fact, even if you cannot afford Dog Fight Rehab, you can access these strategies. Go here to register for Emergency Management Strategies for Multi Dog Households for only $30. Your household shouldn’t have to get worse if finances for training are a barrier.


WHY your dogs are fighting.

If you find yourself saying:

“This happened out of the blue.”

“They fought without warning.”

“I don’t know what set them off.”

“Their fights are unpredictable.”

“Why is this happening now?”

Then you’re in the right place. During a thorough behavior evaluation I will help take the mystery out of “why” your dogs are fighting. We will continue on that path together as you learn to read dog body language, recognize behavioral signs of stress in dogs and begin to understand how unmet needs can lead to aggression and conflict.

Behavior Modification Strategies for Aggression, Resource Guarding and MORE

Is your multi dog household the kitchen sink of dog behavior? If it is, you’re like the majority of my clients here at Wise Mind Canine.

Often my clients are experiencing some combination of: 

Aggression (Human and Dog Directed)

Resource Guarding


Noise Sensitivity

Separation Issues


Generalized Anxiety

Fence Fighting

Struggles with Veterinary Care


By the name alone you might assume that every case in Dog Fight Rehab has a had a dog fight. However, some join because of a constellation of behavioral struggles that make living in that particular multi dog household feel impossible to maintain. These issues may not have caused a conflict or fight yet, but they certainly make a household higher risk.

Sometimes all of these behavior issues are in one dog, other times these issues are spread throughout dogs in the home.  In Dog Fight Rehab we tackle everything that is impacting your dogs’ wellbeing to create a harmonious mutli dog household for everyone.

Your training program has everything you need to start making positive change to the most challenging behavior problems.

How to Repair Broken Dog Relationships and Reintroduce Your Dogs.

This is the magic of Dog Fight Rehab. Use my 20 Stage, step by step process to help change the way your dogs feel about each other and reintegrate them to the level that is safe in your case. You CAN influence how your dogs feel about each other. I will show you how, using a system that is tried in true, even in homes where bites have occurred.

Let me take the guesswork out of reintroducing dogs with Wise Mind Canine’s one of a kind system.

Regain Confidence in Your Ability to Run a Multi Dog Household

“I don’t know whether interactions between my dogs are good, bad, or neutral. I just can’t judge in the moment.”

“I wish I knew what my dogs were saying to each other.”

“How am I supposed to respond when my dogs are heading toward a fight, playing too roughly, refusing to share, won’t listen to me etc”

“Can you help me set rules, routines and boundaries, kindly? Everything feels like chaos.”

These are just some of the struggles my clients have brought to me during their training programs. As a result of behavior challenges and dog fights, many of you are understandably lacking in confidence in managing a multi dog household. Let me take some of the questions and unsureness out of the equation with the Dog Fight Rehab online classroom. If you have ever found yourself wishing for a manual on living with multiple dogs, it’s here!!

My goal is for every client to leave my training programs feeling sure of themselves when making decisions for their multi dog households.

Teach Skills That Make Multi Dog Living Easier

This program is made with the assumption that you have no dog training skills to speak of, so that all can participate regardless of skill level. 

Dog Fight Rehab has an online classroom with an extensive dog training library with step by step instructions. Including things like: 

Positive Interrupter



Go to Mat/Place


Leave it

Pattern Games




Pattern Games 

and MORE

You will learn how to train robust and strong skills that can withstand distractions. As well as when and how to use them in order to keep your multi dog household running smoothly.

Katie was a lifesaver in my home. She taught us how to manage the environment to keep our dogs safe. She was patient, kind, and understanding. Everything seemed to go wrong, but she never judged, worked with us, and empowered us, which made me work harder and keep going even when things seemed like things would never get better. My dogs can now see each other thru a gate, not react, and we are making so much progress. If you have dogs at home that are not getting along and you are dedicated to making it work Wise Mind Canine is where to turn, she can help you.

Vanessa, Illinois

Dog Fight Rehab 14 Week Program

Why Choose Dog Fight Rehab at Wise Mind Canine?

You DESERVE a Specialist

Katie Sipple IAABC-ADT is a graduate of Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course and her continuing education is Behavior and Multi Dog Household focused.

Many of my clients come to me after having invested in previous failed dog training. It’s not uncommon for me to be my client’s 5th+ dog trainer. People come to me from out of state and even outside of the country for my expertise.

These are complex, time consuming cases, that require a specialized approach. I have spent years developing that here at Wise Mind Canine. 90% of my caseload is behaviorally complex multi dog households, typically with bite histories. This has made me a specialist in these issues and that grows with every case. You’re in safe and capable hands here!

Let me be your last stop on this journey and join my many happy clients who have restored peace and safety to their homes.

Image shows a line drawing of a dog looking off to the left with neck curved over its back. Text below the image reads "Aggression in Dogs Master Course Certificate of Completion"

Aggression Cases Require a Wholistic Approach

Dogs experiencing behavior challenges don’t just need dog training. They need us to look at every aspect of their wellbeing and address unmet needs.

Training can only be truly successful when you have a mentally and physically healthy animal. If this step is skipped you might as well flush your money down the drain instead of spending it on a trainer.

I am a graduate of Emily Strong CDBC and Ally Bender’s CDBC Enrichment for Behavior Modification Master Class. Enrichment isn’t a singular activity in your dog’s day, it’s a way of living with your dogs. We’ll work together to find a sustainable plan that helps you meet your needs, your dogs’ needs, and change behavior in the process. 

Enrichment Master Class Graduate Logo showing a dog with a brown spot around its eye and the Pet Harmony Logo on its ear.

A Professional Who Has Walked in Your Shoes

This is Griffin. he’s my “why”, the reason I decided to specialize in Intrahousehold Aggression Cases.

We walked this road you’re on right now, the terrifying unknowns, the emotional fallout, the exhaustion of living on high alert and in a home that feels like Alcatraz.

As is the way with aggression cases, sometimes you don’t get a happy ending, even as a dog trainer. We didn’t.

Determined to carry on Griffin’s legacy, it became my mission to save as many people as possible from this kind of heartbreak.

That’s how this training program came to be. It’s why I learned to become the “RIGHT HELP” for  these complex cases, focusing my continuing education on aggression cases, dog-dog interactions, and multi dog households.

Now I guide people through intrahousehold aggression every single day, come hell or high water, I stand by my clients. 

Because you shouldn’t have to do this alone  and you deserve both compassion and your VERY BEST chance of a happy outcome. Too many of you have faced guilt and shame and even cruelty from professionals and people in your lives. You won’t find that here.

Enrichment Master Class Graduate Logo showing a dog with a brown spot around its eye and the Pet Harmony Logo on its ear.

High Level of Support

My private client load is kept intentionally low to ensure that every client gets the detailed feedback and attentiveness they need to create the best possible outcome for their dogs.

Katie is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful — and is an excellent teacher! She also never makes you feel guilty or at fault for issues that you are working through with your pups. I wish that everyone considering adopting a second dog would first take Katie’s online course, to properly prepare for becoming a successful multi-dog household! We came to Katie because our two dogs (who had lived together for 8 months, and been acquainted nearly a year) were having issues, and Katie’s training has taught us so much, and helped everyone feel safe and secure. One of our pups is reactive and highly anxious, and Katie has been phenomenal on helping us working with his behaviours. I would recommend Katie to anyone, regardless of where you live — we live in Canada and have weekly virtual training sessions!

Haven, Canada

Dog Fight Rehab 1 Year program

Dog Fight Rehab Program Details and Pricing:

The Dog Fight Rehab Training Program is priced monthly. The first month is a single payment. Months 2 and beyond are a subscription payment that will charge until cancelled. Each month renews your support and adds another private lesson to your account. Clients should expect to complete at least 5 months in the program. Clients often choose to complete 12 months.

Need to do something RIGHT NOW?

Katie is the fourth trainer I’ve brought my dog Cassie to and she is by far my favorite. Cassie’s a difficult dog—high-energy, opinionated, at times sensitive and at others no more subtle than a tank. Not to mention she doesn’t get along with her brothers. But even when Cassie is at her most bullheaded, and even when I’m tempted to give up, Katie never does, and her expertise never wavers.


Katie has a very comprehensive approach to changing dog behavior that requires a lot of homework and learning about dog body language, enrichment, and of course training. It’s this approach that distinguishes Wise Mind Canine from every other training program I’ve enrolled in and that makes these courses absolutely worth the money. I have a better understanding of my dogs, why they do things, and how I can change unwanted behavior.

I wish I had been aware of Wise Mind Canine when I first got Cassie; it would have saved me a lot of trouble and frustration. I advise anyone who’s introducing a new dog into the household to enroll with Katie (contrary to what many people say, those little conflicts don’t always work themselves out on their own), and I absolutely recommend anyone who’s already experiencing conflict between their dogs to enroll as well. 

Dog fights, resource guarding, anxiety, aggression—it feels isolating to experience these things from the dogs you love. But you’re not alone, and Katie helps remind you of that. And more importantly, she helps provide solutions.

Rebekka, Colorado

Dog Fight Rehab 1 Year Program