FAQ and Policies


General Questions: 

Where Are You Located?

Wise Mind Canine does not have a physical location. I am  in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. You can find the local communities I serve HERE, just be sure and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Will You Have Local, In Person Services?

I do! Spots are limited. Wait times are longer than for online services in most cases. If you’d like to meet in person and live in a community I serve Contact Me to see if there is availability. All lessons are online by default unless arrangements are made before purchase.

Does Online Dog Training Really Work? 

Absolutely! It’s actually what a lot of the pros do to further their own education. I don’t need to touch your dog or even be in the same room to help you with your dog training goals. In fact, even if we were in person, you would be handling your dog 99% of the time. Dog training is a mechanical skill and you learn by doing, so I don’t want to take that valuable practice away from you or your dog. Through video I can give you the same feedback you would have received in person.  The best part? You don’t have to leave your house, clean it, or even change out of your pajamas. Dog training when you need it, where you need it, with way less stress! 

Working alone in one of my DIY courses? Enjoy highly detailed lectures and exercises that you can reference again and again. Your classroom is also equipped with progress tracking that helps motivate you to complete your work and shows you where you left off. Got stuck? An upgrade to a higher level of support is only an email away, just pay the difference. 

What Are Your Hours?

I am open by appointment only and am on central time.

Free Consultations can be scheduled: Mondays: 6-7pm. If you need another time you can contact me. Sometimes I have other open slots available.

Program appointments for private training are made in the following time slots: Mondays: 11am, 4:30pm, Wednesdays: 11am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, and Fridays: 4pm.

Program Homework Threads and Premium Online Course Student Questions: Typically answered within 48 hours on weekdays. Usually within the hours of 10am-6pm. My scheduled times to check your threads and homework are on Monday, Wednesday from 10am-11am and Fridays from 2:30-3:30pm. Sometimes I may answer outside of those times but for fastest responses remember these check in times! 

I want a private training program but your hours don’t work for me?

You may choose to forgo your online private training lessons and rely completely on your private homework thread and homework video feedback.  Not all cases are appropriate for this, so please email me at katie@wisemindcanine.com if this is something you are considering. This option is custom and not available on the website.

I don’t see the service I need?

You want my Custom Dog Training Solutions found on the services page. 

What are your prices?

Multi Dog Household 101 prices for all levels can be found toward the bottom of the MDH 101 page.

Custom Dog Training Solutions prices can be found on the scheduling page. Everyone starts with a $140 initial consultation. To find the follow-up program and lesson package prices you can add those to your cart and the prices will show up. I will let you know which package or program most fits your goals after the initial consultation. You can always choose a smaller one and prioritize your goals if needed.

Do you offer guarantees?

The behavior of living, breathing animals cannot be guaranteed. This includes the human half of the team. What I do promise is to make every reasonable effort to help you and your dogs succeed with your training plan. My services have a track record of success, and I stand by their efficacy in both easy and difficult multi dog homes. As your coach, I succeed when you and your dog succeed and I will make every effort to get us all to the finish line, together. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel a private training session with less than 48 hours notice you lose that lesson and will not receive a refund or makeup lesson. 

If you “no show” to a private training session, you lose that lesson and will not receive a refund or makeup lesson. 

If a lesson is cancelled by your dog trainer for any reason your lesson will be honored and rescheduled.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on services except in extreme circumstances: 

  • If for any reason I cannot complete your program, you will receive a refund minus services already rendered. 
  • If I determine in the process of working your case that it is beyond my skill level you will be refunded minus services already rendered. 

There are NO refunds on online courses.




Client Expectations and Training Methods:



What are your client expectations?

Dog training is a collaborative process. You, your dogs, and I need to be on the same team, working together. You are expected to complete your homework and follow the directions outlined in your training and or behavior plan. Without that your training and investment will not be successful. We do human behavior change here, just as much, if not more than we do dog behavior change. As your trainer I will be there to support you, but ultimately your success and result depends on your efforts too. 

Please keep the lines of communication open, if a solution is not going to work for you, if you are having trouble understanding instructions or struggling to complete your homework assignments, it’s time to let me know. I want you to succeed and we can make adjustments to help get you there. As your coach, I know my clients have different needs and learning styles so don’t be afraid to speak up. If I can change something about my teaching to help you, I will. 

 You are responsible for maintenance of the behaviors taught in your course or program. 

If you are in a private training program you will need to schedule your private training sessions in a recurring day/time slot. If you do not do so, the appointments will be cancelled and you will be asked to reschedule them accordingly. Schedule your 90 minute appointment first, followed by your 60 minute appointments. Positively Powerful Introductions Students have the option of scheduling their 60 minute lessons weekly or every other week. 

Training methods we will use together: 

Here at Wise Mind Canine we believe in the importance of relationship, kindness and modern training methods that follow what science tells us. Science has proven again and again that positive reinforcement is our most effective training tool and we will act accordingly, utilizing it as our primary training technique. We also follow the humane hierarchy and LIMA which are required by my accreditation organization, IAABC. What that means is we are going to use the kindest, least intrusive, and minimally aversive methods that get you to your goals. In our time together we will not use aversive tools such as E-Collars, Prong, and Slip Collars. We will not correct dogs. Instead we will teach dogs what we want them to do, proactively create environments that reduce unwanted behavior and promote the behavior we want and kindly interrupt and redirect any inappropriate behavior that breaks through. Please make sure you are committed to these kinds of methods before signing up for a course or training program.






Scheduling Appointments and Purchasing Services:


How do I schedule a free consultation?

Please go to the calendar here. Select the free consultation option, and find a bold date. Click on it and select your time. Give your information and you’re good to go. Free consultations are conducted over Google Meet or Zoom. You will receive an email with a link to that video appointment. 

What if your free consultations are booked?

Please take advantage of the contact form to send any questions you may have about our services and any pertinent information about your dogs. 

How do I check your calendar to see if the private training slot I want is available? 

If you’re buying a  private training program please use the calendar here and click the fake program appointment to make sure there’s a day/time slot available that works for you

Can I see your contracts before I purchase a course? 

Absolutely, email me at katie@wisemindcanine.com with the service you are interested in and I can send you a copy of the contract. A large portion of the contract can be seen under the terms of service policy further down this page as well. 

How do I register for an online class or private training program? 

You register here on the website. Here’s a direct link to the purchase page for your convenience: Register. If you’re buying a  private training program please use the calendar here and click the fake program appointment to make sure there’s a day/time slot available that works for you. 

I cannot refund you because you didn’t check for a workable time. If you purchase and there is no available time that works for you, you can forgo your video lessons and only use your private homework thread OR you can contact me with your desired day/time slot and I can defer your program start date to the day that slot becomes available again. 

What If the program or premium online course I want isn’t available on the checkout page? 

This means that the program is currently filled to capacity. There are a few things you can do. You can buy the DIY level of the course and upgrade when the program you want becomes available. Upgrades are not done via the website. Please email me at Katie@wisemindcanine.com for the links that will allow you to make that upgrade purchase Paying the difference between levels.

You can also use the contact form to ask about our next available spot and pay in full to reserve it at that future date or use the MDH 101 Waitlist email optin found on the MDH 101 about page so you’ll be notified when a new spot is available. 

How do I redeem and schedule my private training appointments from my program? 

After you purchase your program on the website you will receive an email with instructions PLEASE FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY. In it you will find a direct link to our Acuity Scheduling calendar for “purchasing” and scheduling your program appointments. You will have a  personalized redemption code for your program. This code goes in the coupon box. Your total should read $0 after you enter the code, MAKE SURE IT DOES. I do not want you to double pay. If you double pay your refund will be what you paid, minus the processing fee of your refund. 

If you are upgrading to a private training program from a lower level, you will pay on Acuity Scheduling via a special link. Email me for upgrades.



Which MDH 101 program is right for me and my dogs?

Number of Dogs: 

The higher the number of dogs, the more likely it is that you will benefit from a private training program. It really depends on their personalities and spectrum of behavioral issues. 

Behavior Modification:

All behavioral issues for which you require behavior modification need to be addressed in a private training program. While the framework of this course takes the fuel behind some challenging dog-dog interactions out of the equation, it’s not always enough to solve the problem. In those cases you need a personalized behavior modification plan for your dog(s). 

Aggression and Resource Guarding that cannot be permanently managed both require private training. 

I’m not sure what level to choose. Can you help?

YES!! If any part of you is unsure which level of MDH 101 is safe and appropriate for your dogs, PLEASE SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULT BEFORE PURCHASE!! If we are booked out for free consults please contact me through the contact form with a description of your dogs. 

I bought the wrong level of program for my dogs. What should I do? 

Sign in and check the website to see if the level you need is available. If the level you need is not available please contact me directly at katie@wisemindcanine.com so I can get you on the waitlist. I also offer one time appointments for developing a safety plan to hold you over until you can begin your private training program.





Upgrade Policy: 

Upgrading From MDH 101: DIY Online Course

At any point in the 2 years beginning from the day of purchase the Client may upgrade to Wise Mind Canine LLC’s MDH 101 Premium Online Course, Introduction Jumpstart Program or Positively Powerful Introductions Program. Email me at Katie@wisemindcanine.com with your current level and your desired upgrade. If there is availability I will send you a link where you can pay the difference between levels. 

This is subject to Premium Online Course or  Program availability. Availability is not guaranteed. Program terms will be as written on the website and in your new contract. 

Upgrading From MDH 101: Premium Online Course

At any point in the 2 years beginning from the day of purchase the Client may upgrade to either our Introduction Jumpstart Program or Positively Powerful Introductions Program. Email me at Katie@wisemindcanine.com with your current level and your desired upgrade. If there is availability I will send you a link where you can pay the difference between levels.  

This is subject to program availability. Availability is not guaranteed. The chosen Program’s services will be reduced by the amount of instructor time that has already been utilized in your MDH 101: Dog-Dog Introductions Premium Online Course. This reduction will be applied to the number of private online lessons you receive OR the total number of weeks of program support, at the sole discretion of Wise Mind Canine LLC.  

Upgrading From MDH 101: Introduction Jumpstart Program 

At any point in the 2 years beginning from the day of purchase the Client may upgrade to either our Positively Powerful Introductions Program. Email me at Katie@wisemindcanine.com with your current level and your desired upgrade. If there is availability I will send you a link where you can pay the difference between levels.  

This is subject to program availability. Availability is not guaranteed. The chosen Program’s services will be reduced by the amount of instructor time that has already been utilized in your Introduction Jumpstart Program. This reduction will be applied to both the number of private online lessons you receive and the total number of weeks of program support. You will not receive a second WMC Starter Kit. 





Common Student Questions: 

How do I create an account?

You will be prompted to create an account when you make your purchase. 

How do I recover my password? 

Go to the login page and click the forgot password option. Check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password. 

How long do I have access to my course material?

For MDH 101 you have access to your course content for 2 years. We do not guarantee that there will be no website outages. 

Can I share my login information?

No, accounts found to be doing this will be terminated without refund. Your login information is for your immediate household ONLY.

My signup email had a link to a contract and behavior evaluation form, when do you need this by?

Premium Online Course Students: I need both items before you will be admitted to your group course environment. 

Private Program Students: I need both items completed at least 48 hours before your 90 minute appointment.

Where are the MDH 101 and Wise Mind Canine Alumni Groups? 

These groups are both hosted on Facebook. You will receive a link to the groups at the appropriate times. 

Where is my private homework thread located? 

For the time being your private homework thread is located in Google Drive, you will receive access after your first private lesson provided I have received your signed contract. I am experimenting with WhatsApp as an additional option for interested students. 

How do I submit homework videos and assignments?

If you are in the DIY online course you do not submit homework videos and assignments. However you are encouraged to complete them and to record your work so you can be your own coach. 

 If you are in the Premium Online Course please upload your videos unlisted to YouTube and share your link along with any specific questions you have to the MDH 101 Group. Please keep track of your minutes. So if you post a video for feedback please start the post with used minutes/ 15 minutes. There are many homework assignments that tell you to submit a video, at this level you must choose which assignments you need feedback on. Sometimes I may notice something and prompt you to submit something specific. You can submit written assignments to the group as well without limitation. 

If you are in a Private Training Program you have two options. You can submit videos to DropBox and I will give you a link in your homework thread OR you can put your videos online unlisted on Youtube and put the link in your homework thread. If you have chosen to try WhatsApp you can submit videos there. You can submit any written assignments to your private homework thread. 

Why don’t my follow up appointments and/or lifetime follow up lessons from my private program show up when I redeem my program on Acuity Scheduling?

You will receive these at the completion of your program via a gift certificate. 

How do I initiate my emergency phone call or text session? What are the rules: 

Private training program students will receive my business phone number that is not listed on the website. You may call or text and I will answer you as soon as possible. Your program has a set number of emergency sessions, and I stick to that limit. If you are over your limit you will get an answer during business hours. I do not answer emergency texts or phone calls past 10pm. 

How is my MDH 101: Accelerated Skills Email Course Delivered? 

This course will be delivered automatically over the course of 6 weeks via the email you used to sign up for the course. It does require that you sign up for the mailing list at checkout. If you did not do so and want your skills course please email me at Katie@wisemindcanine.com and I will get you sorted out. 

I clicked “complete” on a button in my course but I logged in later and now it’s undone? What happened? 

You may have hit the back button after completing your lesson rather than navigating using Previous/Home/Next menu bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Sometimes the system has struggled to maintain button completion when switching between desktop and mobile.





MDH 101 Breeder/Shelter/Rescue Program

I am interested in the MDH 101: Breeder/Shelter/Rescue Program. How do I find out more about it? What’s available?

I like to speak directly to our possible partners in this program. You can use the contact form or email me at katie@wisemindcanine.com for more information. There are two options. First  an organization specific discount code on the DIY course. Also, the opportunity to purchase bulk, single use,  DIY course access codes at a discounted price to distribute to your placements or fosters. I am currently developing materials for your puppy packs and a video presentation so you can get to know the program better. Stay tuned. 




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