Managing Dogs at Odds

The LOW COST Online Course for Multi Dog Households in CONFLICT.

Is Managing Dogs at Odds right for you?

Your dogs are fighting.

With or without physical damage.
Two cartoon dogs face off over a bone with mouths open and teeth bared.

Your dogs can't share.

Conflicts over toys, treats, people, beds and more.

Your Dogs Dislike Each Other

No fights yet, but there’s daily tension.

Scuffles and conflicts are increasing in frequency and intensity.

You are fostering a dog who doesn't need to be introduced to your other dogs.

But you need guidance on how to set up your home to keep all of the dogs in your home safe and happy in the meantime.

AND You:

Cannot afford private training right now.

Need a solution you can implement TODAY.

Hired a trainer but your start date is delayed.

Then you need Managing Dogs at Odds.

A brown and black dog stands with its mouth open and teeth bared. Green grass is in the background.

What is Managing Dogs at Odds?

A Self Guided Online Course That Helps You:

Restore safety in your multi dog household.

Have room to breathe and relax in your own home again.

Stops the practice and escalation of challenging behavior.

Begin to restore your dogs’ wellbeing.

Lay the foundation for a strong start when you can begin training with a professional.

Because financial barriers to dog training and delayed start dates should not be a barrier to stabilizing your multi dog household.

This course is TRIAGE. It’s the tourniquet you throw on the wound until you can get professional help.

It is NOT a training solution. You WILL need to work with a trainer, either here at Wise Mind Canine or somewhere else.

A husky puppy lies down in a section of a living room blocked off by baby gates.

What you will learn:

How to create a management plan for your dogs.
In dog training management means changing the environment to prevent the behavior we don’t want.  Often, in multi dog households this involves the use of various strategically placed barriers. But this course also covers changes to prevent behaviors like: Guarding resources, fence fighting, barking at people and animals outside the home and more..
Ways to assess whether your management plan is working.
A self guided course isn’t complete unless you can tell if your management plan is working and respond accordingly. I’ll take you through how to make these decisions.
Skills to stop a dog fight should management fail.
You’ll learn  emergency skills to use if a dog fight breaks out. If your management plan is working you should not need these skills.
What your dogs' needs are, why you need to meet them, and how to start.
Management can impact welfare, you need strategies to combat that problem.
Next steps for your case, when you are ready to make them.
As far as first steps go, this course is an important one, because it will help you restore safety and keep things in your multi dog household from getting worse until you can seek professional help. But what comes after? I introduce you to options here at Wise Mind Canine and give you a general overview of what cases like yours typically require.

Again, this course is TRIAGE. It’s the tourniquet you throw on the wound until you can get professional help.

It is NOT a training solution. YouWILL need to work with a trainer, either here at WISE MIND CANINE or somewhere else.


A great pyrenees mix lies on a couch behind a gate

MDH 100: Managing Dogs at Odds

Details and Pricing:

Instant Enrollment

Managing Dogs at odds is your FIRST STEP to a harmonious tomorrow.

Next comes Dog Fight Rehab.

Four Dogs seated close together look happily at the camera.