When Your Dogs are Fighting There's No Time to Waste!

Managing Dogs at Odds is an online course that will stabilize your aggression problem until you can work with a trainer.





Learn How To:

  • Stop a dog fight as safely as possible.
  • Set up your home to stop dog fights in their tracks.
  • Understand WHY your dogs are fighting.
  • Gather information a dog trainer will need to help you with your case later.
  • Prepare your dogs for training and behavior modification later so less of your training investment is spent helping dogs decompress.
  • and MORE.

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Wanting to utilize private training for dog aggression at Wise Mind Canine later? Get the cost of this course taken off of the Dog Fight Rehab Program.



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This DIY online course is an emergency measure for people who are experiencing conflicts and dog fights between dogs in their home. Stabilize your household while you wait to start work with a dog trainer. It can also be used in foster homes who need to manage new dogs with their existing dogs until adoption.