The MDH 101 Affiliate Program

Highly Successful Multi Dog Household Placements for Breeders, Shelters, and Rescues are a click away!

The MDH 101 Affiliate Program is available to Breeders, Rescues, and Shelters who want to help their clients take a proactive approach to introducing and integrating dogs. Specifically with the goal of permanently keeping dogs in their new adoptive homes.

Together we can create thriving multi dog households before problems begin!

The Challenges You Face in Multi Dog Household Adoptions:

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Research Shows That Problems with Other Pets in the Home are a Major Contributing Factor in Relinquishment After Adoption:

  • In a 2021 Study by Powell et al, of 23,392 animals, 18.3 % of dogs returned to a US shelter were relinquished due to conflicts with other pets in the home. 18.3% 18.3%
  • Hawes et al, 2020 found that 14.7% of dogs returned to a shelter were relinquished due to aggression toward other animals. An additional 2.9% were returned due to the behavior/temperament of a resident animal. 14.7% 14.7%

Adopters Struggle with Integrating Multiple Household Pets:

  • Marston et al 2005, interviewed adopters about their experiences 1 month post adoption. 32.3% of the respondents with another pet in the home reported experiencing problems integrating the new dog into their household. 32.3% 32.3%

How MDH 101: Dog-Dog Introductions and Relationship Building Can Help:

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This course prepares your client BEFORE their new dog comes home. Particularly when used as a pre adoption requirement. Subsequently averting improper introductions before they start.

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It helps keep dogs and people safe. There is a management plan built into the introduction process that is designed to presume aggression is possible until proven otherwise.

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Behavior problems such as aggression and resource guarding are identified early. Typically before a fight is even possible. Undoubtedly making any behavior modification process easier and more successful.

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Gives your clients the confidence to create and manage a thriving multi dog household with ease. While providing them with the management strategies that keep that process from becoming a full time job.




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Creates fluency in dog body language. As a result conflicts between dogs can be prevented through early intervention. This knowledge also allows adopters to take the introduction at their dogs' pace using body language as their guide.

Teaches clients about the importance of resources in multi dog households. So that they can manage them safely and fairly in order to prevent conflict. Adopters will also recognize warning signs of resource guarding and above all, know when to seek professional help.

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10 Training Skills that help dogs and people live together harmoniously. On the whole, these skills prevent conflict and lessen stress. Thus allowing your adopters to spend more time bonding with their new dog.

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Takes the Guesswork out of Integrating Dogs. I answered the how, what, where, when and why so you don't have to! All 20 Introduction Stages and 10 Skills are laid out in step by step detail. Finally, 20 lectures on multi dog households fill in the rest so your clients have all the information they need to thrive.




What's Included in the MDH 101 Affiliate Program:

This Program is Offered at no Cost to You!!

1. A $100 Gift Certificate for all of your adopters that applies to any level of MDH 101. 

2. A high quality Informational Booklet on Introducing Dogs for your adopters.

3. The ability to bulk purchase sets of 10 MDH 101 DIY Online Course Codes at a deeper discount. In the event you need them for foster homes or to send home with clients. 

4. A lifetime membership in the course for one member of your organization. 

5. Group course membership to watch your client’s progress. (Conditions Apply).

6. More, inquire for details!

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