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Multi Dog Households

Wise Mind Canine is here to revolutionize the way dogs and people live in multi dog households

You do not need to HOPE for the best. You do not have to let the dogs “work it out”. Instead work with me to put the power in your hands to chart the course of your dogs’ relationships. Then I will give you the skills to create and maintain a harmonious household of your own design.


Why? Because I REFUSE to leave the quality of YEARS of my clients’ lives to chance. Chaos, dog anarchy, and squabbles are not what you dreamed of when you added another dog to your home and we can prevent it, TODAY.


Already living the nightmare? You don’t have to unpack and stay there. Let me partner with you to find a path to a BETTER tomorrow by starting with a free consult.


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MDH 101: Dog-Dog Introductions and Relationship Building

My roadmap to dog-dog introductions and relationship building is a first of its kind online course that gives clients a comprehensive path to a successful multi dog household laid out in step by step detail.

When used proactively this system helps people avoid the classic pitfalls that lead to dog-dog aggression.

Built with safety in mind, issues between dogs are swiftly identified and can be addressed proactively before relationships can be damaged.

The limited, classically held, advice we have available today on introducing dogs leaves a large subset of clients with behaviorally complex dogs without a clear path forward when adding a new dog to their home, or living with multiple dogs.

I’m here to change that, with a system that works for everyone, behavior issues or not. Let me take your multi dog household from stressful squabbles to one where people and dogs live harmoniously.

MDH 400: Dog Fight Rehab

When dog fights strike in multi dog households you can become afraid of what the future holds.

My proven training program saves households in crisis from heartbreak time and time again.

Learn how Wise Mind Canine’s Dog Fight Rehab Private Training Programs can take the snarl out of your complex multi dog household.

This program is also appropriate for homes without fights, where multiple dogs in the home are experiencing issues like: Reactivity, Fear, Resource Guarding, Anxiety, Separation Issues, Noise Sensitvity, Fence Fighting and more..

MDH 100: Emergency Management Strategies For Multi Dog Households

If your multi dog household is in crisis and you need help NOW, this online course is for you.

Everything you need to stabilize the behavioral problems in your multi dog household until you can work with a professional.

All at a low cost of $30. Sign up and start immediately.

Take $30 off private dog training services at Wise Mind Canine later.


Custom Dog Training Solutions

Your Dogs. Your Needs. Your Solutions

Every dog, every home, and every family has their own specific needs. If you find yourself with a problem that doesn’t fit neatly into my current services then these private training programs and lesson packages are just the ticket.


We will start with a 90 minute evaluation that gives you the opportunity to tell  me anything and everything about your dogs and the issues you are experiencing. I’ll play detective, gathering the information I need to get to the heart of the problem. Afterward I’ll make a plan just for you and your dogs.


At that point you’ll be given the option to purchase the lesson package or private training program that best suits your needs going forward. Then we will work together for the length of your customized training plan to bring you closer to your goals.


Curious about the difference between lesson packages and private training programs? Read on below.












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Training Programs VS Lesson Packages

What's a Private Training Program?

Private training programs are the highest level of support available at Wise Mind Canine. They provide wraparound support to help achieve stronger outcomes. Whether you want to make progress quickly, need accountability and checkins, or have a complex case that could use some extra attention, this option might be for you!

You will receive active support BETWEEN lessons in the form of a private homework thread and detailed analaysis of your homework videos in Dropbox. During our weeks together you can get feedback on ANY questions you may have about your dog(s).

This will wllow you to make progress FASTER with more efficiency. No more waiting a week for next steps. If you and your dogs are ready, I’ll upgrade your homework. Get feedback on your homework technique so that you and your dog can always feel confident working together and have quick access to troubleshooting when you get stuck.

To protect the investment you made, program students receive post program follow ups. Other bonuses include

Wise Mind Canine Starter Kit, Emergency Text/  Phone Session,  Wise Mind Canine Alumni Group, Bonus Lessons (some programs), and a special rate on future private lessons (some programs) and the list is growing!


What's a Lesson Package?

In a lesson package you are paying for my time, by the hour. During your lesson you will have my full and undivided attention. After your lesson you will receive your homework assignment and we will part ways until your next lesson. The only dog training questions I will address via email must be homework clarifications. Otherwise you will be given the option to add on a 20 minutes session at an additional cost.

I do this to keep costs down and allow more people to access my services. My package clients get the same instructions and exercises as my program clients just without the constant support and bells and whistles.

Many of my lesson package clients have simple goals and don’t have complex behavior cases. However, I will do behavior modification in a lesson package if that is your only feasible option.

If you’re not sure if a lesson package is right for your needs feel free to schedule a free 20 minute consult or use the contact form on the website.

Either way, you start with a 90 minute consult, so you have an opportunity to make your choice after that appointment with the knowledge of what portions of your goals can be reasonably accomplished in each option.


Please Note: MDH 101: Dog-Dog Introductions and Relationship Building has its own Private Training Programs. Lesson packages may be added to MDH 101, cases that require that curriculum must purchase the course, their intitial evaluation, and their lesson package.

Package or Program, all Custom Clients Start Here:

Schedule your paid 90 minute Initial Consultation so I can develop a plan just for you and your dogs. You will recieve a history form to fill out that is due at least 24 hours before your appointment.

There’s no such thing as too much information at this appoinmtment. Come ready to talk and I’ll be ready to listen.

Every appointment ends with some basic training education for the human half ot the team.



Additional Online Courses

Online courses for general multi dog living are currently in development.

You’ll learn the basics and beyond in Wise Mind Canine’s Online Classroom. Learn whenever and wherever you want!

Always available and enrolling at the DIY levels.



Breeder Support Services

MDH 101 Affiliate Program: Currently Active

Puppy Raising for Multi Dog Households

Multi Dog Ready: A low cost adoption screening tool with a certificate, to help clients avoid crucial mistakes in those first few weeks.

Strategies for reintroducing dogs after time away.


On Demand Webinars

You will be able to access ready made information on popular multi dog topics.

Current plans include: Taking Turns, Resource Guarding Prevention in Multi Dog Households, Managing Shared Reactivity, Play, and more.

If you have a topic idea or request, feel free to contact me with the suggestion


Animal Shelter and Rescue Support Services

Multi Dog Ready: A low cost adoption screening tool with a certificate, to help clients avoid crucial mistakes in those first few weeks.

Group accounts have been enabled for MDH 100. Allowing you to use that course in foster homes or to divert dogs in the community from the shelter. Choose your number of seats, and reassign those as you see fit throughout the year.