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MDH 101: Dog-Dog Introductions and Relationship Building

My roadmap to dog-dog introductions and relationship building gives you a comprehensive path to a successful multi dog household laid out in step by step detail.

Get the tools and strategies you need to build the multi dog household you actually want to live in for years to come.

Available in DIY Online Course, Group Online Course, and PrivateTraining Formats. Choose the option that fits your needs and budget.

Are you a Breeder Shelter or Rescue?

I want to help you create successful multi dog placements that keep dogs in their new homes and prevent dog-dog aggression before it starts. I’m even willing to take a pay cut to do it. Check out the FREE Multi Dog Households 101 affiliate program. Every one of your clients can have MDH 101 for 50% off.

A medium sized black and white dog stares at the camera with teeth bared and tension lines on the face.

MDH 400: Dog Fight Rehab

When dog fights strike in multi dog households you can become afraid of what the future holds.

My proven training program saves households in crisis from heartbreak time and time again.

Learn how Wise Mind Canine’s Dog Fight Rehab Private Training Programs can take the snarl out of your complex multi dog household.

This program is also appropriate for homes without fights, where multiple dogs in the home are experiencing issues like: Reactivity, Fear, Resource Guarding, Anxiety, Separation Issues, Noise Sensitvity, Fence Fighting and more..

MDH 100: Managing Dogs at Odds

If your multi dog household is in crisis and you need help NOW, this online course is for you.

Everything you need to stabilize your problem until you can work with a professional.

All at a low cost of $30. Sign up and start immediately.

Challenges with finances or sitting on a waiting list for private training shouldn’t mean that your problem has to get worse in the meantime.

Saving for Dog Fight Rehab? Take $30 off your program later.

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Custom Private Dog Training Solutions

Need something else? I’m happy to create something just for you.

All Private Training at Wise Mind Canine starts with a Behavior Evaluation so I can get to know you, your dogs, and your goals. Then I design a training program just for you and your budget.

Just want to pick my brain for 75-90 minutes? You can do that in abehavior evaluation appointment.

Learn more by scheduling a free assessment!

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Additional Online Courses

Online courses for general multi dog living are currently in development.

You’ll learn the basics and beyond in Wise Mind Canine’s Online Classroom. Learn whenever and wherever you want!

Always available and enrolling at the DIY levels.



Breeder Support Services

MDH 101 Affiliate Program: Currently Active

Puppy Raising for Multi Dog Households

Multi Dog Ready: A low cost adoption screening tool with a certificate, to help clients avoid crucial mistakes in those first few weeks.

Strategies for reintroducing dogs after time away.


On Demand Webinars

You will be able to access ready made information on popular multi dog topics.

Current plans include: Taking Turns, Resource Guarding Prevention in Multi Dog Households, Managing Shared Reactivity, Play, and more.

If you have a topic idea or request, feel free to contact me with the suggestion


Animal Shelter and Rescue Support Services

Multi Dog Ready: A low cost adoption screening tool with a certificate, to help clients avoid crucial mistakes in those first few weeks.

Group accounts have been enabled for MDH 100. Allowing you to use that course in foster homes or to divert dogs in the community from the shelter. Choose your number of seats, and reassign those as you see fit throughout the year.

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