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2 German Shepherds play with a jolly ball in the snow

Katie’s training was life-changing.  I started working with Katie when I decided to add a rescue Husky puppy, Peppermint, to our family, and I was very nervous.  Peppermint came from a situation of past trauma, and I already had 3 rescue dogs who came from past trauma.  My 3 dogs had a harmony together before Peppermint, and I was about to upset it by adding a puppy.  Puppy antics are tough for anybody.  Katie taught me how to build individual relationships between Peppermint and each of my other dogs, and a family relationship between all of them.  We went slow to go fast.  She taught the dogs how to understand one another, respect each other’s boundaries, and adhere to my rules.    We had our challenges, but Katie taught us how to deal with them.  I now have dogs who play with one another, hike together, relax together, and love one another; and Peppermint’s still a puppy.  We are all happier and more confident because of Katie’s multi-dog training, and it comes with my highest recommendation.  Working with Katie and trusting her methods with my family is one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.

Sheree L.

Elwood, Otis, Peppermint, and Winter

“Working through this course is so helpful to me! I continue to review information and my homework — there is so much information about noticing body language and positively interacting with your dog that I’ve found invaluable.

It really isn’t just a dog-dog course. It’s more like “Learn How to Understand & Manage Your Dog — Including When Another Dog is Around.”

Some of it is advice I’ve heard before, but things that I still needed to work on and it was good to get those reminders.

All that to say, I hope when you advertise your course, you manage to express how all-encompassing a course this is. It’s worth a WHOLE lot for people like me who really do want to be good dog handlers but sadly haven’t had tons of past experience, or perhaps people who need to learn the ropes of positive training vs. correction.”

Alexa A.

Daisy and Nebula